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【VIP Deal】 TwoTrees Laser Engraver 40W/80W TTS-55 / TTS-10


TTS-55 laser engraving machine cutting and engraving wood metal aluminum glass leather, more cost-effective, suitable for beginners

✅ 60% pre-assembled.

✅ Shipping time is 7-13 days.

✅ Ships locally in the US/EU,in VAT.

Laser Power

  • 5.5W5.5W
  • 10W10W

Plug Type

  • USUS
  • EUEU

TTS Package

  • Only Machine
  • &Air Assist +Heightening Column
  • &Honeycomb +Heightening Column
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Complex Efficient Easy to Handle

Just do it with TTS

The Better Way to Start the Creativity

Just do it with TTS

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Why Choose TTS

meet all your needs

Easy cut 3-5mm acrylic

Cut plywood with clean edges


Laser Spot 0.08mm

TTS laser source is guided by LD+FAC+C-Lens technology, the spot is as small as 0.08mm,engraving works are more delicate


Stronger Power

the laser beam is focused by a short focal length lens, the spot becomes smaller, the power density is higher, and the cutting is more effective


Run more stable

Two stepper motors on the Y axis run at the same time, effectively avoiding the influence of inertia, making the engraving lines more smoother


Easy to install

Modularity in design, 60% pre-assembled, can save installation time and tedious steps, very suitable for beginners


Support Offline Engraving

DLC high speed ESP32 smart module integrated wifi function, It can realize fast engraving and web pages, mobile APP and other functions.


Effective protection

The filter adopts use funnel-type design, which protects the eyes and can effectively discharge the smoke to prevent the smoke from causing damage to the lens.

How Influencers Talk about TTS

Based on the TS2 quality and performance, it is worth the price, I can just recommend it.

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Name TS3 TS2 TTS-55
Laser Power 10W 10W 5W
Engraving Size: 300*200 mm 450*450 mm 300*300 mm
Engraving Speed: 10000 mm/min 10000 mm/min 10000 mm/min
APP Connection ×
Touch Screen Have External External
Air Filter × ×
Flame Detector & Fire Alarm ×
Over-heat Shut-down ×
Precision 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm
Polywood Cuttings Thickness 8mm 8mm 5mm
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Additional information

Laser Power

5.5W, 10W

Plug Type


TTS Package

Only Machine, &Air Assist +Heightening Column, &Honeycomb +Heightening Column

Laser Power

  • 5.5W5.5W
  • 10W10W

Plug Type

  • USUS
  • EUEU

TTS Package

  • Only Machine
  • &Air Assist +Heightening Column
  • &Honeycomb +Heightening Column